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DesignerRūta Lendraityte
Establishment Date2012

The clothes are alive

Collection “The Clothes are Alive” was created and is based on the research “Neurotic Defense in Costume”. The results of the research and the conceptual interpretation became the reference point of the collection. The research analyzes the neurotic personality and neurotic defense transformations in costume.Four opposing defense extremities are described by four defense mechanisms: power, kindness, withdrawal, and humility. However, no single person reflects only one defense method, anyone has the means to develop and apply all defense systems, adjust them to different situations; and off course in many cases as adaptation function gets developed, one or few of the defenses take a stronger side and that can be read from visual notion of wardrobe signs. As Carl Gustav Jung and Karen Horney mention, the complications arise when we start to deeper analyze neurotic personalities, who manage to combine opposing defense methods: power and kindness; power and humility; withdrawal, kindness and power; etc. The collection “The Clothes are Alive” examines the visual appearance of combined power and withdrawal defense methods by using symbolic language.