Kristina Kruopienytė (KK) – one of the most prominent Lithuanian fashion designers. Her distinctive urban fashion statement pushes KK toward an internationally recognized fashion brand.
“KK fashion story takes place in the streets of fast-paced global city. It mirrors our constantly rotating needs and lifestyle which are encoded into rhythmic, graphic and structural details. KK is always looking for a new angle, ever changing yet at the same time keeping the style easy to recognize.”
KK aesthetic details reflect the idea of always staying one-step-ahead. The brand merges construction, modern classics and consistent innovation. It is present and the future which never overlooks the essential learnings from the past.
KK is a social fashion brand with a rebellious attitude. It is designed for sophisticated, progressive and elegant urban personality looking for a distinctive style and radiant confidence.
Designer’s unfettered love for luxurious materials and bespoke tailoring does not compromise the factor of quality. Here the latest technologies meet classical textiles and textures for a next level fashion experience.

Brand/DesignerKristina Kruopienytė
Establishment Date2011

A/W 2018



When glass skyscrapers make us tilt our heads up and our eyes
unintentionally trace endless roads, we experience the purest urban element
of all – the line. Invisible yet inevitable, each line alters the rhythm of
the city in its own unique way.

The LINE bag and clutch were created for the ultimate urban minimalist. She
longs for simplicity yet her look is always searching for something
differently complex. She doesn’t believe in coincidences yet the most
beautiful things she sees are completely unexpected. She sometimes feels
like one those city lines around her – almost unnoticeable until you look
deeper and dare to discover where it leads.

LINE is a concept of blending in and standing out at the same time. The
bags feature precise, line-inspired design and can be suitable for both day
and night – elegantly ladylike or convenient cross-body. Each bag was
created and hand-made in a small design studio using only European leather
and metal details.


A paint brush is a language in itself. A bold statement when done in heavy
black strokes. Or a subtle message if carried lightly over the surface.
Whichever form you choose, it always has meaning and emotion hidden in the
movement of the hand.

UNICUM was introduced as a project which connects artistic inspiration with
everyday forms and shapes. Each bag, even if extremely functional, is a
wearable piece of art, covered in hand painted patterns. Since every piece
in the collection is completely unique, it becomes a personal manifesto of
the wearer.

The bag design is based on a modern cylinder shape interpretation and the
handles provide a touch of transformative functionality. Each piece can be
updated by adding a miniature painted pouch for cards or other small
belongings. UNICUM was created and hand-made in a small design studio using
only European leather and metal details.


In terms of design, minimalism is never just the result – it’s the process.
Complete reduction of the unnecessary and emphasis of the fundamental. The
only thing that truly matters is the basic shape and purpose, in which true
beauty is born.

FORM is an intellectual nod to modern asceticism – the ultimate expression
of perfection and slow, thought-out creative approach. The bag, simple in
its look and complex in its construction, is meant to be the one and only
accessory for contemporary minimalists.

Pitch black tone, spacious interior and transformable straps let the wearer
to change the bag according to daily needs, from morning to night, without
sacrificing the functionality. Each bag was created and hand-made in a
small design studio using only European leather and metal details.