Kristi Andress – established in 2006 is a known fashion label in Lithuania. The designers are Kristina Kalinauskaite and her husband Andrius Sergejenko. Their mission is to offer original designs and techniques in handcrafting traditions by paying attention to the aesthetics of the garment both inside and out.
Inspiration: Classical and romantic dreams.
Style: Light, soft and pure. Design nor construction dominates the garment. Emphasis is on subtlety.
The secret: Rationality is masked by sensitivity and tenderness.

BrandKristi Andress
DesignerKristina Kalinauskaitė
Establishment Date2008


Kristi Andress Fall Winter 2018-19 collection is all about active city woman and her game of life in big city. She’s been through ups and downs, great joys and great looses and what didn’t kill her, made her stronger, she is glorious. She transfered pain into purpose. Lifting up the spirits of those feeling worthless. Proving to others the importance of having beauty within and not simply what on the surface. She made a notes for you. Follow her riddles to find a path in life labyrinth.