The brand has been started by atelier and custom-made casual chick jeanswear and bright fashion shows. After years of experience in made to measure jeans, designer finds the own way of high-quality tailormade jeans production. Nowerdays BLCV by Bulichev is a well-known brand in Latvia and successfully opened a brand showroom in Moscow.
BLCV by Bulichev represents a unique brand concept, of combining ready-to-wear fashion with custom tailoring.
The brand is all about denim that innovatively melds classic tailoring with an edgy but yet understandable casual-chic aesthetic.

BrandBLCV by Bulichev
DesignerIlya Bulichev
Brand Established2010
Collection Name


The „Retrospective“ is a new vision of 80tise and 90ties fashion, using inspirations and forms of this period. Meanwhile, BLCV by BULICHEV brand stays true to its roots: clothes items are made from the finest Italian denim and modern tailoring goes elegantly with vintage character.