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About Us

MADOS INVENTORIZACIJA | Eastern European Showroom is a unique event bringing the best emerging Eastern European brands together. It’s more than a Showroom – the brands who participate in MADOS INVENTORIZACIJA | Eastern European Showroom make up a community that is shaping the future fashion landscape. We are different and strong as never before.

MADOS INVENTORIZACIJA | Eastern European Showroom launched in 2018 as the child of fashion festival MADOS INFEKCIJA (Fashion Infection) to develop a global network of like-minded people who conceptualize, create, desire and buy the clothes that epitomize a new vision of forward progress. 

MADOS INFEKCIJA – is the most prominent annual fashion festival in Lithuania. It is an innovative and conceptual event of fashion and art fusion featuring 3 day free and ticketed public events where professional and upcoming designers are brought together. Such interaction inspires young, creative talents to search for new fashion forms and expressions and gives an opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas among the participants. 

MADOS INFEKCIJA was launched in 1999. Once a year (in spring) its schedule involves catwalk shows, exhibitions, seminars, showrooms and free events for fashion devotees. 

The festival is distinguished for its conceptuality. Extraordinary and unconventional fashion shows, the fuse of music, video, photography and other fields of art make the festival a unique 3-day experience of fashion which takes place in the capital of Lithuania Vilnius. MADOS INFEKCIJA breaks traditional boundaries of FASHION WEEKS as it is available for everybody and has the purpose to spread the Fashion Virus among people. 

MADOS INVENTORIZACIJA | Eastern European Showroom is quite small and intimate event with a sense of community. Our focus is to help Retailers find emerging and most compelling Eastern European Brands in one venue, by presenting them in a relaxed, business-like environment.